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Sitting at my new desk.

Well, not actually.  In fact, I've had the desk I'm sitting at for a number of years.  While it's a fine desk (it's fulfilled its purpose thus far, after all), its black wood makes it particularly easy to locate each and every blemish.  It doesn't help that my friendly cat loves to get his paws all over it.

But no, unless someone would like to invest in me and purchase me a new desk, I am not sitting at a new desk.  Rather, I mean to welcome myself and any early readers to the new blog, and am very excited for the road ahead.  This isn't my first foray into blogging, admittedly, but it's the first time in quite some time, granted I realized the hard way a few years back that nobody is going to listen to a sixteen year old rant about his "problems".  I believe Twitter-junkies would refer to those past problems as #firstworldprobz.

Moving on.

You might be wondering what this blog is all about.  Or perhaps you read the text under the header, which has already stolen most of my thunder.  Essentially, this blog covers a wide variety of topics.  When thinking of an idea for a blog, I quickly determined that I wasn't going to bind myself to one topic.  There are an abundance of noteworthy topics and discussions to be had, and I don't intend on leaving anything off the table.  Because I'm an editor for PlayStation Universe and am a fitness-nut in training, most of my topics will likely fall under one of those two categories.  It also dawned on me as of late that I see quite a few movies, some multiple times, and so I thought I might have my hand at a few film reviews every now and then to justify the money spent.

I'm not, however, going to make the typical new-blogger mistake by making five posts tonight and then preceding to make one post per year.  More content will be up soon, however, and I look forward to getting feedback and discussing it with readers via Google+ and Twitter @steven_chaffin.

Welcome to the Editor's Desk.